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       Founded in 2014, TCF Tiancai focuses on quantitative investment in overseas markets, and is one of the robust overseas quantitative hedging management institutions in the market.
The company serves customers wholeheartedly and has high customer satisfaction. There has never been any customer complaint.
TCF Tiancai holds an American Securities Regulatory Commission RIA license and is an MBS registered unit of the US Treasury.
Our partners and management team are composed of more than 10 years'practitioners from international famous hedge funds, commercial banks and other financial institutions. With rich experience in active management and professional background in overseas financial markets, the company helps you grasp the pulse of global wealth.

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Product service

TCF Tiancai takes overseas financial market products as its investment trading target, and actively manages client's entrusted assets by developing quantitative hedging models and strategies in cooperation with top investment banks.In order to adapt to the domestic asset allocation environment, TCF Tiancai innovatively introduced insurance mechanism to provide stable and safe asset value-added services for domestic and offshore customers.

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Investment Risk Ratio (Sharp Ratio)

Investment needs not only to pay attention to benefits, but also to pay attention to risks.

To obtain the same benefits requires knowing the risk that needs to be taken and cost performance.

Managerial style

Compound interest effect

Investment is a long-distance running.

5 consecutive years to maintain more than 15% compound interest, with asset easy to be doubled.

Advantages of overseas mature markets

Normative market, relatively symmetrical information, low possibility of insider trading.

Those with technical ability can easily obtain steady profits.